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To  Divining  The  Soul


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My Vision

I envision a changed world, making it a better place for all to live, our children and the generations yet to be born.

I know this is a tall order and it will take time and hard diligent work. But I believe we can make it better. I say it’s better to work towards it than away from it.

How you ask! I say through commitment to the Spirit of Love as our foundation, a conscious connection to your own inner guidance and allowing yourself to experience this Divine Universal presence called by many names, and with the confidence that we are not doing it alone. We have an infinite number of Benevolent forces at work who’s calling for our attention to give us support.

 We’ve all been given healing gifts and talents to share as our part. We have to focus our attention on this self-discovery to develop ourselves for service, to do our part. My goal is to help you develop those gifts into usable skills. A phrase coined by the late Malidoma Some” The Genus within” is seeking expression.

Through mentorship, teaching, ritual and divining our soul’s path for wisdom, we can do it. So, I’m asking each one to commit to this vision and I know together we can do it. No man can do it alone it will take the Universal Village to make our world a better place. Starting with yourselves, your family, your community, our nation and then the world. The more lights joining together the brighter and more powerful we will be. Together we are Stronger!

Ase' Irosun

Spiritual Growth and Abundance

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Stay Tuned

Creative Transformation
A fundamental  system of organized teachings to give some basic understanding about who you really are, how to walk in the power of this knowledge and how not be a victim of  a colonialized society.